Life Entrepreneur.Manifesto

The sun only shines on the adult’s eye, but it shines into the child’s eye and heart.“
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi, I´m Art.

When a child describes what life, love and human interaction could look like.

My life is a game.

I just like to play. There are so many things out there that I can discover every day. My life is one big, huge playground!
The big people are always so serious. Hardly anyone wants to play. I feel like nobody wants to play, but everybody wants to win.
How come nobody wants to play?
Oh, yeah, there’s this thing called money. So I’ve heard.
Must have something to do with “mine” and “yours.”

Actually, it was a great idea, but I can’t help but feel like this money thing has gotten out of hand.
It’s all anybody talks about, but they don’t seem to enjoy it.
Perhaps also because the rules of the game for money are in the wrong hands? In the hands of fear? What if the money were in the hands of love?


My life is learning.

I love to learn. But only when I want to. And above all – what I want! Of course, I only exist once, nobody wants to learn exactly what I want.
Nevertheless, my mother told me that there are places where everyone should always learn the same thing. Whenever someone else thinks and says so. They all have the same thing on sometimes. And they’re all the same age. I don’t find that so great.
First of all, I want to be with the big boys. I can learn so much from them.
And I don’t want to be told what to learn and when. Why should I, I already said, I always learn.

My life is freedom.

I am free. I’m so free. I can do whatever I want. I just have to suffer the consequences. And accept that others want their freedom, too.
Above all, my thoughts are free. Who can even guess?
They fly by. No human can know them, no hunter can shoot them.
My thoughts, they are free.
I love that freedom. But sometimes I get a funny feeling, too. Nobody seems to be able to say what’s on their mind. What’s going on?

My life is also about the others.

I realize there are others. But they’re different, which isn’t a bad thing.
Sometimes I’m really afraid of the others. Like big dinosaurs. But I’m learning step by step how to deal with the others. My mom and dad help me. They strengthen and support me every day. They spend most of the day with me.
Sometimes I hear from other children that they don’t spend the whole day with their parents, even very little time. These are the children I am most afraid of. Why? Because they don’t trust me. Not in me, not in themselves. I always call them the robot kids.
I know it doesn’t sound very nice, but it’s just an observation.

They always walk past me, or worse, they just walk all over me, like robots. And they punch a lot. I can always feel their energy, pent-up, full of other people’s energy, because kids don’t actually hit. At least when they’re free.
Maybe it’s because they don’t feel strong enough, but they’re supposed to be strong? Do they feel at all? 
I’m sure. But where did their feelings go?
Don’t you have to be strong inside to show strength on the outside?
Well, I don’t want to get philosophical, I’m just a kid.

But my thoughts, they’re free…

My life is sharing.

Sometimes I don’t know what “mine” and “yours” means. In the end I understand that nothing belongs to me, I can’t take anything with me if I travel on at some point and collect all the new experiences in another life.
But here and now, in this life, one or the other things belong to me. Why not, it was given to me or I found it and it did not really belong to anybody else.

If something belongs to somebody, then I do not take it away from him or her.
I also like to share. But voluntarily. I don’t like being forced. I don’t like being forced to do anything at all. Why should I? I’m myself and I don’t hurt anyone. Why shouldn’t I do what I want? Sharing is also fun, but I also have to have the feeling that I can call something my own.

My life is love, my life is to love.

There’s fear in my life. But my life is not fear. I am often afraid. But I overcome it, over and over again.
I like my mom. My dad, too. I like everybody. But especially my mom and dad. I owe them so much.
I don’t like the people who hurt me. I don’t like hurting people, but sometimes I have to fight back.
I’ve learned from the beginning that it’s about love, that it has to be about love. I think there’s really only fear and love. Everything is fear or love. Oh, and hate. Sometimes I hate too. I think hate is okay sometimes. Because that really only means that I love the opposite. In fact, it’s impossible not to hate when you love.
When I was little and came into this world, I was afraid. I cried out in fear. Every day, every night. It was so safe inside Mama’s tummy. Now everything was so cold and strange.
But Mom and Dad were there for me. They loved me. Probably more than themselves, they gave everything to take away my fear.
At first, they were afraid too. I noticed that, I was even more scared then.

But then, then their love won. And took away my fear.
You know, I think my fear will always be a part of me. It protects me somehow. It’s just not there. Present now is love. 

Couldn’t that be the case with all people?

Somehow I think that this world, in which I am now already again, it consists of fear. I think it’s made up of fear. I keep hearing there are “governments”. Hm. All I’ve ever known is direction and greed. Maybe a mixture of the two?
I think it must have something to do with wanting to deprive others of their freedom. Preferably without being affected yourself. I don’t like it. Doesn’t make sense to me either.
Ah, I know. It’s the fear. These governments and all these people trying to control me, they’re scared. Scared of me? But I just want to play. Maybe they all don’t have enough love.

Everything is fear or love.

My life is also a date.

With my parents, way before I was born. We agreed to share our problems. To work through our karma, all together. To help each other realize our soul plan.
Because we’re spiritual beings, we’re souls allowed to have physical experiences. Let it be good experiences.

My life is living not dying.

The world is full of adventure. Everyone’s waiting for me, especially outside. The days just fly by. I think I’d like to fly, not watch. Even if it’s hard sometimes, especially when I’m tired or scared.
I am here to live. To be flexible. My daddy told me that everyone can live or die. Living is stupid. You just sit around and watch others. And wait. But for what? To leave again?

I’d rather go on the adventures that wait for me than wait for myself, because I don’t know any adventures that can walk.
My dad also told me to watch out for healthy fatigue. Something other than laziness. This is the tiredness I can feel in the evening when I look back on the day and am satisfied with what I have done.

My life is feeling.

Feeling, anyway. Where did it go. I feel a lot.
Fear, love and desire for chocolate above all. Sometimes I have the impression that others don’t feel as I do. Sometimes I even think others don’t feel anything at all.
I think of those robots…
Remote, programmed, monotonous. I wonder if robots can feel. And robots are our future?
Me, I get it all. It’s very tiring, especially at night.

But then I always manage to free myself from the feelings of others and find myself.
Everything is energy, dad always says. And I have to make sure that my energy is and remains my energy. Because I am highly sensitive. I always ask myself who is actually in his energy and who is not. And who feels that.

ART’s life.

My life, that´s me.

Speaking of, I. Mom and Dad always make sure I’m aware of myself. First and foremost, myself. And that I feel good about myself. That I feel strong. Not stronger than others, that’s not the point, just strong, without comparison. Mom always says that if I feel strong myself, then I can also strengthen others.
Somehow this world is just completely upside down. I can still see that from my eyes, because children see energies. There are very bright colours around people.

I see a lot of weakness, and I see a lot of fear. We children see light and shadow, in ourselves and in all people. As long as we are allowed to remain free.
Unfortunately, weakness leads to the desire to weaken others as well, to have to. Then suddenly there is only weakness. And everyone very close together. Then fear wins. And everyone fights.
But not for anything, maybe even for love, but simply all against each other.

My life is venturing.

My dad always tells me he’s an entrepreneur. I say great, I want to do that too, but what’s so special about that? He says most people aren’t entrepreneurs. I didn’t get that. Then he says most people are employed. I didn’t get that either. I’m okay with hiring, like when there’s ice cream and people are in front of me. It’s stupid, but okay.
But being employed as a state of being? Hmm. I can’t imagine that if I’m always, really always, in line, I’ll never get to the ice cream!
My dad also says most people have a boss.

Someone who tells them what they can and cannot do.
Then he tells me that I am my own boss. Of course. What else? Sure, I know, mum and dad explain to me what I can and can’t do, but at the same time they help me so that I can decide everything on my own bit by bit. That’s great!
Why do most people go back at some point, so that others can decide again? Is it fear? Maybe they never really got a grip on fear?

My life is dreaming.

I always dream of a beautiful world. A peaceful world, a just world. Because where I come from, there was much pain and suffering. And war. Pain and suffering in the past life becomes fear in this life. Fear prevents love.
I like dreaming. Then I see dinosaurs and monsters where there are none, imagine swimming in a chocolate bath and I am happy that there are no more robot people, but that they all live the life that they are supposed to live here – and want.

My life is Art.

The art of playing, learning, sharing and doing. The art of loving. None of this seems natural to most people. Everybody loves artists, but nobody knows that they themselves are artists, too.

Honestly, do people even know what a unique work of art their lives are?
My life is a small fight, but a fight for love, without weapons, against fear.

My life is a work of art – your´s too?