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„Some people see things as they are and ask: Why?
I dream of things that have never existed before and ask: Why not?“
George Bernard Shaw

Discover the world of Life Entrepreneurs!

Stories of people who make their life a work of art and develop exciting projects.

Here, you will get to know stories, life paths and projects of people who simply break the norm.
You will meet people who can make the difference, or will soon do so. People who were torn down and got up again, but also people who are torn down now and will for sure get up again. People who say “no” to the current system, to uniformity, conformity and any shade of grey, to the waste of any given talent.
“No” to a system that divides and dominates, that stirs up fear and powerlessness and rather rewards irresponsible action, that has managed to turn everything 180 degrees and hence transform the normal into the exception.
And which is ultimately on the verge of a complete collapse, both financially and energetically.
These people go ahead and are different. They say “yes” out loud. They are awakened or are just awakening, and they currently free themselves from the matrix of manipulation and heteronomy and pursue their very personal goal in life.

They say “yes” to themselves, to their essence and to their destiny. They make all the difference – if you only let them.
They let themselves be guided by love and intuition, love for themselves, for others, for their children and for life.
They want to change the climate, but not that of the world, because that simply cannot be changed, but much more the interactive climate of people among themselves – the only thing that is in their power.
These people undertake their lives and contribute their small part to bringing human interaction to a better, adult level.
Here, they have their say – here, we give them a platform.

Simone Bellusci, child of the earth, tells Art about herself and her loving school foundation project “Scuola di Pace” in Calabria, Southern Italy.

Hello, dear Simone! You know, I am a curious contemporary, above all I like to soak up all positive thoughts and feelings, which I can only find in our present time. Thank you for letting me ask you a few questions and telling me about your ideas and wishes!

Let’s start right away – Simone, who are you?

Hello Art, I’d love to, I’m happy that I can tell you a little bit about myself!
I’m Simone, 31 years young and twice a passionate mum. If you like, I am also the founder of a free school in Calabria, Southern Italy, the Scuola Di Pace.
I am also a soul who likes to experiment with being human. Who tries to see the world through the eyes of love and who aims to fulfill the wishes of the heart, big and small, every day.

That sounds exciting! You also gave me a good keyword for my first question, maybe you have already felt it – What is love for you?

Whew. I don’t know. Or wait, maybe you have. I spontaneously think of Rosenstolz – “Love is everything”!
You know, if love is everything, then even violence, injustice, suffering is in the last essence of the thing “love”, if you know what I mean by that.
I’m thinking of a beautiful book by Neal Donald Walsh, “I am the light”. It says that souls meet to grow together with all the experiences they have. And accordingly, love as an all-encompassing force is inherent in every form of negative energy.
Love connects us as humans and every human being with the world. It is the greatest tool to experience unity. If we are not aware of love, suffering arises.

If love is everything, then what is fear? What are you afraid of?

I’m not scared of anything! Well, maybe you are. I’m afraid that mankind will exterminate, the classic end-time scenarios. Sometimes I’m afraid, then other times I don’t care.
Yesterday, I was afraid my dog would get hurt. It was a spontaneous internal impulse. Fear, at least to me, seems to be anchored in specific moments. You experience it right here, right now.
I’m also afraid of having my freedom taken away. You know, the evil state, the evil government, something evil out there. Funny thing is, evil usually has to do with people. I’m not afraid of natural disasters, for example.
I think fear comes when we separate from what’s inside us, or when we lose control over it.

Yes, fear is a big topic for me too, it interests me somehow. But freedom interests me even more – what does freedom mean to you?

You are free when you choose conscious decisions. To always be present, to be able to choose what you do. On a personal and collective level. We are free to shape our life and our universe.
I used to think that being single means freedom. To do what I want. Since I got married, and especially since I became a mum, I feel freer than ever.
I don’t think freedom has anything to do with what’s on the outside.

I love dreaming. Tell me about your biggest dream.

My biggest dream is that mankind wakes up. That it dives into infinity. That it sees that we have paradise on earth, plants, animals, everything is there for us. Even the spiritual beings who support us.
My dream is that everyone experiences happiness. That humanity, that is best of all people, will be freed from the clamps which surround them or which have set themselves.
I dream of unconditional self-love. Oh dear, I really have to work on that. It’s hard for me to admit what I do so well. For example saying loud and clear – I’m a great mom!
You, Art – I’m a great mom!
I also dream that we live in a world where children are allowed to develop freely. I’m sure this dream also drives me to pursue my school project.

Yeah, great!! My mum is also great, maybe I should tell her more often…Above all she always strengthens my talents and lets me do the things I like to do and do well – which talent has accompanied you all your life?

It is the acting. I can transform myself very well, both on the outside and inside, also humorously, can express my feelings well. Maybe acting is just the expression of my real essence, so I don’t pretend to feel something, I really feel it.

Do you live this talent?

Yes, I used to be a professional, I played in TV shows, my talent has determined my life, so to speak. Today I have a YouTube channel called Playful Motherhood, which is the playful approach to the role of mother and children. There I can let off steam as an actor, keyword love, I love that!

You talked about it before – what does connection mean to you?

As I said, love connects us. The awareness of the existence of love. My feelings may flow, to others. I have the image in front of me that people really look into each other’s eyes and pay true attention to each other, I think that is a beautiful form of connection.

Now it’s getting exciting again. I am a child and apparently not an adult – what is childhood for you?

You, dear Art, don’t worry, childhood never ends.
Children and cleaning up, for example, that doesn’t seem to fit in well. But believe me, adults don’t clean up their shit either, at least most of them.
Oops, sorry for the word, but I think you understand what I mean. Most people continue to live this childish behaviour and all sorts of other traits into adulthood. So they’ve definitely stayed children…
I kind of hate to separate the childhood and the adulthood. Actually, it kind of is.
Childhood, if you ask me like that, means being playful, being in the now, being allowed to wonder about the most unimportant things. Looking at things. Over and over again. Everything is and remains new.

Okay, but then what is adulthood?

Well, adulthood, maybe it means taking responsibility. I mean, kids have responsibilities too, but they don’t always understand. Maybe they shouldn’t understand them either. There seems to be a kind of negative connotation to that word, but I think it’s a good word. On a collective level, especially. Responsibility for the whole thing, for everyone else. Adulthood is a collective issue.
Responsibility means accepting consequences for your choices, being honest. Are we there yet? I don’t think so. I’m on my way. I’d say I grew up in my mid-20s with my first child.
My child made me an adult, funny thought. But I’m also having a hard time cleaning up my shit…

Would you like to describe your Secret Place?

What do you mean by that? Well, I don’t know.
Well, I’ll give it a try.
My Secret Place, you know, my secret place. I’d say that place is inside me.
Not out there somewhere. This Secret Place just pops up. Maybe whenever I feel insecure, when there are outside impressions that I can’t place. It brings me pure joy, pure bliss. It’s not a stylish house or a special place that I go to, it’s inside me. So somehow it is a special place…

Let’s dream on – would you like to tell me about your dream home?

I always thought it would be a tree house in the middle of the forest. Lots of animals around it, sheep, geese, a meadow, a room for communal activities across the street. Lots of nature, lots of green.
But now I think I can take these ideas with me everywhere, put them into practice everywhere. Through my imagination. Even in our apartment where we are living right now. The dreams symbolize certain feelings.
My dream home is here and now and what I make of it.
But I can still dream of the real tree house…

Simone, I spend a lot of time with the outside world. Unfortunately, I see a lot of darkness. So I concentrate on turning on the light. How do you think you bring light into the darkness?

Well, first I sort out what I let in. What I let into my system. So I don’t give this darkness so much power, I just let it bounce off. If we all did that, maybe it would be gone?
There’s so much darkness out there in the world. I turn on my light too, I see myself as a beacon. Through my YouTube channel, through founding my school, but also by just cooking a nice risotto for our kids or going out with the dog. I do not want to be discouraged.
You know, I also want to see my own darkness. Only then can I illuminate it. That way, I develop more understanding and compassion for the darkness out there.

What is family to you?

Family is the basis of everything. It’s the basis for a healthy life, actually for a healthy society.
I also feel a little sad at the thought of “family” because family has been so repressed by the current system, by money, or rather by the need to get it.
The family is the essence for me – a loving family is the basis for peace on earth.
There is a quotation, “You want to change the world – go home and change your family”, I think that fits quite well.

What is art to you?

For me art is a tool to be in the here and now. I forget everything around me and am in the moment when I am artistic. I let myself be carried away. Art is free of judgement and expectation and happens out of itself.
The source of art just falls to you, you don’t have to make an effort.

And then what is the art of living for you?

The art of living is probably to master life, to rock it. Yes, rocking is a good image for the art of living. Swinging with the energies, picking up speed, slowing down again. Let yourself drift and enjoy the tingling in your stomach.
Life is awesome. I think life is weird. So life is an art in itself. That we don’t know where we come from, where we’re going, everything is fascinating.
Our consciousness is boundless. Mastering this boundlessness is an art of living for me.
To make your life an island of light, that’s probably an art of living.

Wow, great thoughts! Dreamy again. Now I’m flying down to earth again, everyone keeps telling me that grounding is important.
Maybe work would be a good theme. I hear that word so often.
What are you working on right now? What do you like working on? What is work anyway?

First of all: I only work on what I like to do! For example my YouTube Channel, the foundation of my school. Work is somehow negative too, but everything I do I feel as work, completely value-free.
I’m currently working on keeping the energy high in the place where I live here, laying out crystal mandalas, charging water, all that esoteric nonsense, but it’s great fun!
I’m working on bringing our school project more clearly to the outside world, making it known. It’s wonderful, it really drives me on!
Maybe there is no such thing as work as an abstract term, it’s just something you do. Every thing.
I have gotten into the habit of saying what I do or have done in concrete terms, not that “I work”. Work/Life Balance – a horrible term, who distinguishes between working and living…scary.

What does undertaking mean to you?

What does that mean? Pooh. Suit? My dad, he had a business. Didn’t that have something to do with successful, smart men?
I couldn’t get access to that term back then.

What can it mean to venture your life?

Doing something together, maybe? Using your time and capacities and using them in a targeted way. I connect focus and goal with it.
Hm, the word is somehow exciting, now that I think about it. To develop a clear picture of what I want to bring into the world and then give it to the outside world to undertake it. It is not to be seen in such a business-like way at all. Actually a cool term, it does me good, I notice.

Dear Simone, thank you very much for your time, I could learn so much again!

Simone Bellusci. Calabria, Southern Italy.
Free school project “Scuola di Pace” & YouTube Channel “Playful Motherhood”.

Belle Isamih tells me about her wonderful life as a traveler! In the camper luggage she has her family, her boxer, a good portion of courage and unquenched lust for life.

You know, there’s supposed to be something on the way that keeps us all at a distance. Therefore, dear Belle sent me the great answers to her questions in a video message. I’m looking forward to seeing who the spook is over, to our reunion somewhere in a beautiful place in this world!
She tells me what love is for her, what scares her and how she goes about her life. And how she does it all – a life in a camper! Without a safety net, how does that work?
She is sooo much older than me, but somehow she has remained a child, just like me – really beautiful!
I find it so exciting how she does it. Imagine, they left everything and went with the camper across Europe to discover the world as a family! Out of the planned and predictable everyday life, into the adventures – without any guarantee of what is coming and what is not.

Not even the fact that they have been stuck in the middle of Italy for weeks keeps them from shining with the sun.
How fitting that she should send me her thoughts from a princess castle.
Well, the Belle Family, I mean, they’re going about their lives. I’m thrilled. Above all they show me again what my mum and dad show me every day – you can master the challenges of our time without having to give up love, time and care for us children.
Belle Family
Youtube Channel:

Soon there will be more exciting life plans here, which you can marvel at and simply extraordinary people who dare to float away from the masses.

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