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Arts Life – The Blog.

Childlike and yet so mature thoughts on almost everything that counts.

Who is in guilt?

“If people understood the monetary system, we would have a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford “The best things in life are not what money can buy.”Albert Einstein “All mischief that happens is not only the fault of those who do it, but also of those who do not prevent it.” Erich Kästner Let’s face …

The thieves of love.

“Love makes poets, poverty makes thieves.” Japanese proverb _____ They must be poor. Very poor. Why else would they steal everything from the others, these thieves? Well, they should be rich by now, not poor. They’ve already taken almost everything. From us. I’m still trying to understand what’s going on here, on this earth. I …

An invisible enemy – an invisible friend?

“Love is the crown of being; how could life not be subject to it?”Fjodor M. Dostojewski Whew. There it is again, the fear. It never really went away. But now it’s so there. All around me, I feel only fear. Well, not really, I actually feel the urge to love, that will probably soon replace …

NWO, dark and light and stuff.

“Let us not curse the darkness, but let us light many little lights.”Dada Vaswani _____ I’ve mentioned before that I come from a dark place. I was part of darkness for whatever reason. It seems like there’s a lot of darkness now too, kind of stupid. But not inside me, more out there. Anyway, I …