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Who is in guilt?

“If people understood the monetary system, we would have a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
Henry Ford

“The best things in life are not what money can buy.”
Albert Einstein

“All mischief that happens is not only the fault of those who do it, but also of those who do not prevent it.”
Erich Kästner

Let’s face it, we don’t get it. But we feel. What we don’t understand is just going away. I’m talking about money. I’m talking about the system that we’ve built around our money, around our values. Or the system that’s been imposed on us.

Our system is changing. Our values are changing.

Well, I’ll be honest. I don’t get it, the money thing.

The system of money seems to be based on debt, that much I know. On infinite growth. A spiral to the highest heights. What is guilt? Who is guilt? Who’s to blame? Are we actually to blame or are we to blame?

I had my dad explain it to me, the money system. But he told me he didn’t understand it either. Just that something’s going wrong. And what’s coming to an end.

Money seems to be a rather difficult topic for many people. Wait – for everyone. That’s why hardly anybody cares about it. And yet, everybody cares about nothing but money all the time.  

Money does something to us, that’s for sure. But, I almost don’t think it’s ever the problem itself. Money’s nothing. Money – or no money – is the material level of our thoughts and actions.

From the way we accept money and give it away again, we show our innermost wishes, inclinations, fears, problems and acceptances.

Money is not bad or good either. Money can’t do that.

I don’t have much money. But I still feel rich. Is it possible to feel poorer the richer you are? Poorer in creativity, poorer in freedom? Sure, I understand that money can set you free. If you live in a world of absolute limitations, it means that you can buy your way free from these limitations. But that’s only fun if others can do it too, right?

But back to the money system again, I’m rambling again. Because what can be quite bad is a system of money, the way we value things and deal with them. The monetary system, like everything else, seems to be completely upside down.

So, I have learned that it is called “fiat money” – “there will be money” is the translation. Who determines what money becomes? A printing press in some locked office, now a digital printing press. A few chosen ones, whoever has chosen them, determine what is valuable and what is not. The hammer is, my dad even explained to me, that all those numbers we see in our bank accounts don’t really exist. They’re an illusion. It’s supposed to be because there are so many loans out there, to everybody. by banks that don’t have the money themselves. It’s really, really strange how that works.

And I also think to realize that this kind of system doesn’t work at all anymore somehow.

My thoughts on the subject of money are already confused, I can really see that. Just like the monetary system. I can almost imagine that it’s not just me.

My dad explained to me that it’s perfectly okay to use something like money because it makes things easier. It can also be quite ok that some have more and some have less. Maybe one is more active than the other, maybe the risks he took were rewarded. Maybe good deeds were rewarded. People are just not the same. And they never will be. Maybe they are equal in the chances, in the possibilities, that would be great if such a new system could reflect that people have equal chances. And then can take different developments.

To be honest, I don’t dare to say how it should be with this money. But what I dare say is, it can’t go on like this. For example, why isn’t my mum the richest woman in the world? She works so much, all the time. She gives away love without expecting anything in return. Why doesn’t she get paid? It is soo exhausting, I just want to play, but always money is the reason that there is something particular not to play, that mum and dad don’t have time and so on. It’s always the money. It is also often the reason why people fight. It’s the reason why we are all so far apart. And it’s even more the reason why there are wars.

I think there are better ways. Money might not have to be bad. Maybe it’s the way you handle money. Money in the hands of bad people is bad. Money seems to be in the hands of bad people. And with the States – ui, I think that’s Dad’s favorite subject, the States. A dangerous religion, he says. Statistics. Papa State. So my papa isn’t the state. My papa is papa. The state, actually, every state is broke, but still only he decides what happens to our money. Hmm.

Let’s get back to the guilt. We live in a world of guilt. It’s crushing, of course. Guilty people feel a pressure on their shoulders. Who’s to blame for this situation? Well, I can think of a few, you’ll find them if you look at how it all started with all this guilt. But, maybe we’re all a little guilty too.

Besides, we live in a world of corruption and deceit. My daddy told me that if you get money, you have to give a lot of it back. Not to any particular person, we all like to do that, but to something. We give it away and others determine what happens to it. They collect the money and spend it again. Then he also told me that this something, that is broke and – in debt. And that an unbelievable amount of the collected money is spent on war, on weapons and on the salaries of those who are allowed to spend the money.

Maybe a world without money will go. Who knows. I’m not so sure. It would be a world of plenty, everything would be there without having to buy anything. Hmm. Sounds pretty good, actually. Starting to make sense? Does it work?

Maybe we’ll have to create entirely new systems for this money. New reward systems. In which love is rewarded, in which the good is rewarded, creativity, true community. I think it’s possible.

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