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Kindliche und doch so erwachsene Gedanken zu fast Allem, was zählt.

The thieves of love.

“Love makes poets, poverty makes thieves.”
Japanese proverb


They must be poor. Very poor. Why else would they steal everything from the others, these thieves? Well, they should be rich by now, not poor. They’ve already taken almost everything. From us.

I’m still trying to understand what’s going on here, on this earth. I haven’t been around that long. But still long enough to realize that something is very confused here. Actually everything here should be in harmony, in a certain way just.

Well, what’s fair. Everyone sees it differently. When I think about justice, I think about the fact that we are all playthings of energies, and at the same time players, we can actively shape the energy that surrounds us. We are allowed to.

Above all, we are here to develop and grow. I also believe we are here to feel freedom. Then why are we all slaves?

You mean we’re not slaves? Well, that’s not hard for me to see. Although, Mom and Dad try very hard not to be slaves. But we’re all in this world together. In the world of thieves.

These thieves, they steal a lot of things from us, and I think I can see that it feels like they are stealing more and more.
Our freedom to move, for example. Why are there limits, who decides that? Why can I go up to a certain point and not go beyond it?
Our freedom to decide, for example. Why do other people I’ve never seen before decide how far I can move? If I can’t even hurt someone.
And the latest trend – why do others decide that I should tie such a funny thing around my mouth and nose and not be allowed to hug others anymore? I like hugging. I like to be near others when I like them. If I don’t like them, I’d rather not. But I’d like to be able to decide that. Who steals my decision to hug others?

Oh, yes, the thieves. I call them the thieves of love. Because, they steal our freedom, the money that everyone runs after so tirelessly, our achievements. What they give us is fear. It’s a great trade. They steal our love, and they give us our fear. That’s why there’s so little love and so much fear everywhere.

What else is it, if not fear, when people no longer dare to breathe on each other? In the past, I have already noticed that people no longer look each other in the eyes. Many look at the ground when you walk past them. It’s really sad. The eyes are the key to my soul. How come nobody wants to know my soul anymore? It’s great, isn’t it? Like all souls.

It must be the fear. Or stolen love.

Meanwhile, you have to look each other in the eye. This is again a great advantage of these things, you don’t see anything of the face of the others anymore. Maybe in the end it’s not so bad that everyone is now tying their mouths and silencing themselves. Everyone is silent, and can finally look into the soul of the other person. Hmm, I like the idea.

But let’s get back to these thieves. If these thieves steal all material things from us, it is actually only a steal of energy. After all, matter is the result of energy. Of creativity, of creative power.
There are these taxes. This seems to be the biggest theft of all. Money gets stolen. Money as the result of energy that we put into something. So basically, it’s not money that’s being taken from us, it’s energy. This energy is then used for exciting things like wars everywhere.
So I don’t, I don’t think that’s great. Why is our energy being used for wars?

The energy we put into something, it is the result of love for a cause. If you’re afraid, you’re more likely to do nothing, because it could end up dangerous and negative. He who lets love live, shapes, creates. The one who lets love live, who undertakes, who paints, who writes, who sews, builds, advises. The one who lets love live, who writes poetry. The one who lets fear live, steals the love of others.

Do you notice how we (should) be in an energy of fear? I think so. Our love, it can’t be stolen. It’s inside us. These thieves, they seem to be in fear. They suck our energy, our love. Yet they seem poor, very poor. So poor, I almost want to embrace them. If they weren’t so evil, and malicious above all.

Come on, just steal our love, we produce more than you can bear! I’ll even throw my love after you, it will make you faint. I hope, dear thieves of love – you realize that you will not get rich if you steal our love. You must discover your own, if you have any. Come on. Let us live. Let us love, create, be creative. Let us be free. Come on, now.

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