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Kindliche und doch so erwachsene Gedanken zu fast Allem, was zählt.

NWO, dark and light and stuff.

“Let us not curse the darkness, but let us light many little lights.”
Dada Vaswani


I’ve mentioned before that I come from a dark place. I was part of darkness for whatever reason. It seems like there’s a lot of darkness now too, kind of stupid. But not inside me, more out there. Anyway, I can’t shake the feeling that the driving force behind our world wants to keep us in the dark.

But you see, back there, behind the dark clouds, there’s a lot of light. Like a kind of dark windy thunderstorm that’s blowing towards you and you want to snuggle up fast. But behind it, it’s already getting light.

There seem to be forces at work that love the dark. Even the sun loves the dark forces. They love to exert power and use it for themselves. They love to keep others dependent. In the hamster wheel. In fear. Oh, yes, fear, that’s a big playing field for them. I’ve written about it before, and soon probably even more, because I realize that fear is currently ensnared like an invisible spider’s web. But more on that later.

„The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make the world believe he did not exist.“
Movie quote “The Usual Suspects”

The funny thing about this power is that it tries to make it clear to us from all directions that it is not there.

As soon as you start thinking about our being, that there is something funny, something oppressive, you are portrayed as a little weirdo. And all you’re looking for is one, maybe your truth. Since most people are somehow trapped in the net of social acceptance, in the fear of being alone, with their own opinion that the crowd does not share, one does not dare to go deeper into it. It’s like the witch-burning of modern times. I bet you and I have met before, back in the witch-burning days.

Well, I took the liberty of doing it anyway, looking into the darkness. Because this time the time is different, the energy is different. I got a great sense of basic trust from my parents. They trusted me and now I trust myself. It’s okay for me if not everyone is on my side. I don’t have to convince anybody either, because it is enough for me to convince myself.

So, let’s take another look. What I often find is that there’s some kind of order to the world. Usually, this order comes from chaos. Since it is to be developed, it is a new order. A new world order, so to speak. Let’s call it NWO for simplicity’s sake, it’s shorter.

Just – I don’t know if I like this order so much. Because, it is proclaimed by people, or even worse, by organizations and institutions that are anonymous and not really made up of people. Someone or something who or which thinks to establish an order that should apply to everyone, to all of us.

What I don’t like at all, if this kind of order is to come, then it means much less freedom, for me, for you, for everyone. Endless duties. For “the good”. For “the greater good”. For “the community”. For “the climate”. Against “the terror”. Against “the virus”. What do they all have in common? Right, we can’t see them anywhere.
They want us to give up our freedom for a new kind of order that leaves us unfree. Very strange also, those who always say that, these are my usual suspects, I have philosophized about it before, they are mostly busy with governing. But not themselves, but others, us.

So an order is to be created, this is what people who want to decide and rule over others say. This is how the world should look like. NWO stop. And all of this from the greatest possible chaos. Well, we are in chaos right now, I think we all realize that. Everything is chaotic, nobody can see through what is going on here. For me, it’s a battle of forces, a battle of energies. You can see that when you really look closely, or rather feel it. So many people can now already feel the energies that surround us, and there are more and more.

You know what else NWO can mean? NaturalWorldOrder. Also out of the chaos we are in right now, but into the light of freedom of each individual, not into the darkness, into the dependence of oppressive forces.

Chaos is wonderful, I love chaos, you have to see our home when I am let go for a moment…but I need and need all of us to be in order. And outside, to be in real harmony with ourselves and the environment. Nature gives us so many hints how this order can look like. How we could live together.

A natural world order, it is the countermovement of the light, the lightworkers, against the dark “new” world order which is getting bigger and bigger and more and more oppressive.

It brings light into the hearts of people. We all feel it’s time for that. We want to be free, and out of that freedom we want to connect.

An order in harmony with the laws of nature, it can be developed by solid adults who do not see the need to suppress others, because they simply do not need it.

This order can allow children to play freely without being forced to sit on a bench all day and “learn”. to spend time in their family relationships. It can allow parents to take responsibility for their children again, because they are here in this family for a very specific reason, to work through their karmic relationships.
And lo and behold, the children will thank it by becoming smarter than any school child. The parents will thank it by getting a whole new approach to their own children.

This order can allow itself to heal people naturally from their diseases. By accessing natural resources, not synthetic drugs. Fruit, light, air. To a healing that recognizes that we humans are made up of one body, one mind and one soul, and only in this triad can we heal diseases.
And behold, people will thank it by being healthier than ever before, not kept in dependent sickness.

This order can allow itself to do business, even accumulate wealth. To be creative, to undertake. To do business is good, the earth even expects us to do business. To be productive, to live our energies. Economic activity is great, but in harmony with the earth. There is no need for continuous growth, there is no such thing in nature. There is coming and going, there is spring and autumn, there is sowing and harvesting. Always reaping, it just doesn’t make sense.
And lo and behold, the earth will give it back to us, the soil will become more fertile and fuller again. Our food will be healthier, more natural. Behold, people will experience what creative creatures they are, what has been kept hidden for so long. They will thank order. We will be allowed to be rich. But we will define wealth completely differently.

This order can allow us to learn to really love. Not be afraid and hide. Sure, those who love risk, but love will show us the way to trust, so that we have nothing to fear.

What is particularly funny about this order is that it seems completely chaotic. That’s where it’s important. Why chaotic? Well, because all people are completely different, they’re allowed to be. That’s what makes people. Each person is completely unique. Everyone has a different horoscope, the stars are different for everyone. Everyone has different talents, different inclinations, different possibilities as well. That means the greatest possible chaos. If the New World Order wants to achieve a complete uniformity of all people out of this chaos, the natural world order will achieve a complete flourishing individualization of all of us, and only through this will it make possible the so necessary connection of all of us. When we all realize that we are completely different, and that exactly this difference is totally super, then we are ready to connect in a wonderful way and can realize that we are all one.

If the new world order wants darkness, the natural world order wants light. We must accept the darkness, not suppress it, we must integrate it, but we must not let it rule over us. Then we are open to the light.

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  1. You are so cool! I don’t think I’ve read through something like
    that before. So great to discover somebody with some unique thoughts on this subject.

    Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up.
    This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with
    a bit of originality!

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