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Kindliche und doch so erwachsene Gedanken zu fast Allem, was zählt.

An invisible enemy – an invisible friend?

“Love is the crown of being; how could life not be subject to it?”
Fjodor M. Dostojewski

Whew. There it is again, the fear. It never really went away. But now it’s so there. All around me, I feel only fear. Well, not really, I actually feel the urge to love, that will probably soon replace the dominant fear. I think so. I have already shared a few thoughts about fear, but I think we need to talk about it more intensively.

I admit I reacted with fear myself. I even caught myself coughing. It seems to be a perfectly normal reaction of people to impressions they cannot understand or classify, which seem threatening, which get out of control. All these masks and suits alone. Who is not frightened by masks? Or cars that spray-painted through streets. Or reports of people just falling down in the street.

Then came the quarantine. Oh, man, I thought I’d just come back from quarantine, from captivity. My soul has already had all these experiences – why again now? A wise woman told me that we as humanity are just going through our unprocessed war experiences and the experiences of our ancestors.

Wir befinden uns im Krieg. Gegen das Unsichtbare, vielleicht sogar gegen uns selbst oder das Unsichtbare in uns selbst. Mein Papa erzählte mir, wir befinden uns schon länger im Krieg. Gegen den Terror. Was auch immer das ist. Sehen tue ich ihn nirgends, diesen Terror.

Is it time to make peace for us as humanity?

The virus attacks the lungs. It’s strangling our ability to breathe. Haven’t we been strangling this air for a long time? By living in anonymous, concrete megacities like rabbits? Isn’t it clear that we lack the air we need to breathe?

Now we fight the virus! All together against the virus! Down with him” (or her? Is this virus actually male or female?)!

Why is it that as humans we are so good at blocking energies Why don’t we integrate viruses into our systems Why don’t we counter them with a strong, healthy body. Why don’t we recognize that we are strong anyway, as body and as mind.

We have to immunize ourselves against external dangers, it is useless to destroy the danger itself, because new ones are always coming. Maybe we should learn to accept what is, not fight it. If we fight, we are always at war.

Energies must flow. You can’t stop them, not even in a climate of fear. I wonder, perhaps all energies on our planet, energies of love, of creativity, of connection, will be stopped by a climate of fear viruses. I know one thing, energies can never be stopped, they find a way.

Let’s go back to quarantine. Apart from the fact that it is the natural reaction of a suppressive, freedom-limiting system that hangs over us like a net – wouldn’t it make more sense to motivate people to strengthen their immune systems, recommend actions that make them happy and healthy? – it seems exciting.
Despite the compulsion, we were suddenly given the opportunity to stop by. We can go inside, without distraction. Like a caterpillar, we can nestle inside. And then blossom. Like a butterfly.
Perhaps distance from the others is simply necessary to finally establish real closeness.
Our current experiences can lead to completely new insights that are essential for our togetherness. Finally we are allowed to feel ourselves as beings, then in the next step we can also feel the other beings around us again. And connect us. As long as we are given enough distance.

One more thought.
This exciting virus that’s been bothering everybody, called Corona. So Crown. If we’re gonna talk about energies, we should also talk about our human energy pathways.
Everything is energy.
There are said to be chakras in the human body. These chakras describe a person’s life energy flow.
People should feel best when all the different chakras are in harmony. The uppermost chakra, right at the top of the head, is called crown chakra.

I found it so exciting that I immediately started to look into it further. I find the meaning of this chakra exciting, in the positive as well as in the negative.

It symbolizes the connection of the human with the divine, a kind of unity consciousness, enlightenment and divine love.
But in the imbalance it also stands for the fear of being left alone. The fear that the universe will not care for us and that we will lose our identity and free will.

If you look at it that way, maybe this Crown virus isn’t attacking us at all. Perhaps it’s trying to enlighten us? Tell us how to breathe better?

“I had a dream some time ago, I think it was last summer. I remember it was a crystal-clear dream. One of those dreams you always remember, unfortunately for some of them, duda forgets everything when you wake up. It wasn’t really a dream. Somehow I had the feeling that I was actually awake.

The dream was about a virus. The virus attacked people’s consciousness. It woven itself like a veil around the whole world, completely consumed by this virus.

The virus was implanted, implanted in the minds of humans. By whom or through what – I don’t know, I can’t remember.

Something spoke to me in my dream. Maybe it was me. I was told to avoid cities. People were jumping all over each other, panicking. Where the panic came from, I couldn’t understand.

At the end of the dream I was shown the cure for the virus. There was, the cure. You could heal through your heart. You should turn to love. Fear made me sick. You had to turn inside. The danger on the outside was actually the fear on the inside.”

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